Friday, August 27, 2010

First Response Action Coalition Profiles

First Response Action is operated by a coalition of six RPCVs, who all served within the last 10 years in five different countries. Those RPCVs are: Casey Frazee (First Response Action founder), Karen Moldovan, Kate Finn, Meg Long, Jess Smochek and Katie Campbell. Below are profiles of each of the Coalition members.

All of these women have rich histories in community organizing, direct service and non-profit development. Each one brings her skills to the table to work towards First Response Action's mission of advocating for a stronger Peace Corps response for Volunteers who are Survivors or victims of physical and sexual assault.

For more information or to offer your skills to the benefit of the mission, please email

  • Casey Frazee is an RPCV who served in South Africa in the Community HIV/AIDS Outreach Program. Prior to Peace Corps, Casey worked in agency public relations and then non-profit development. Currently, she is the Girls Programs Coordinator for the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati where she works with youth on programs such as pregnancy and STD prevention, financial literacy, media literacy, managing stress and substance abuse prevention. Contact:

  • Karen Moldovan is an RPCV who served in Tonga. She came to the Peace Corps with strong experience in advocacy, education, international development, public policy, and community organizing. Her professional experience has often focused on working with underserved populations, including survivors of intimate partner violence, individuals experiencing homelessness, and pregnant and parenting youth. She is currently the Program Manager at the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Contact:

  • Kate Finn is an RPCV who worked in the Children, Youth and Families project in Costa Rica. Before becoming a PCV, Kate volunteered and organized projects to support children of prisoners. Kate is currently the Program Coordinator for the national model Victim Services Network at the Denver District Attorney's Office. The Victim Services Network is a collaborative network that connects and supports agencies and communities to provide innovative, seamless and integrated services to victims of crime in Denver, CO. Contact:

  • Meg Long is an RPCV who served in Kenya as a Public Health Volunteer. During her service, Meg wrote and provided a training on a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault information manual. While completing her Master’s in Public Health, Meg worked as a Call Responder on a Crisis Assistance Listening Line. She currently works for the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Portland, OR as the Assistant House and Volunteer Manager. Contact:

  • Jessica Smochek is an RPCV who served in Bangladesh in the Teaching English as a Second Language program where she taught at an all-girls middle school. After the Peace Corps, Jessica obtained her Master’s in International Health and worked in the data management sector of drug development (oncology studies). She is currently in Washington, DC pursuing her Master’s in Counseling. Contact:

  • Katie Campbell is an RPCV who served in Tonga where she was a Community Educator. She currently resides in D.C. where she is a Public Policy Associate at the World Food Program USA. She is pursuing her Master’s in Public Health at The George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs. Contact:

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