Saturday, August 14, 2010

Your Responses Needed: Sexual Assault Training in Peace Corps

In June, First Response Action launched a questionnaire for PCVs and RPCVs to share information about their sexual assault/rape training during Pre-Service Training (PST). To make this survey widely accessible to PCVs and RPCVs, we now have a Survey Monkey version of the questionnaire.

The Survey Monkey is only 10 questions. Data will be compiled to gain insight into what is happening at Peace Corps sexual assault trainings around the world - and what is not happening. Respondents' names will be kept confidential and only overall data will be shared. First Response Action is continually making connections and working towards supporting Volunteers who are survivors of sexual assault, rape or other physical violations. Knowing more about what is happening at trainings in countries worldwide where Peace Corps operates will help us better advocate for survivors.

Please fill out the survey here and pass along to your friends - PCVs, RPCVs or even pre-PCVs who are about to depart for service.

Your responses are much-appreciated!


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  1. Hi Casey,

    I went to fill out the survey but didn't know what PST stood for in "Terms of PST (from month/year to month/year)"