Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Incoming PCVs - We Need YOU!

Calling all incoming Peace Corps Volunteers!

First Response Action is looking for those who are going to be experiencing a Peace Corps Pre-Service Training (or PST in the alphabet soup of Peace Corps) anytime over the next several months as well as those who recently completed PST.

In March, I had a conference call with Peace Corps staff representing the medical services and security departments. They told me that they had some updated materials that would be released this summer and implemented at PSTs related to sexual assault/rape training and support. We are now officially in summer, so First Response Action would like to take a pulse-check of what is going on during sexual assault and rape trainings during PST across the globe. Hopefully, as we get farther into summer, we will see that these changes have been implemented.

Please check out or download the survey here. You can also email firstresponseaction@gmail.com to request a copy be mailed to you - either in the US or in your host-country-to-be; a self-addressed return envelope will be enclosed for your convenience.

If you are a currently-serving PCV and would like to complete the survey and return it, that would be incredibly helpful and appreciated! Please download the survey or request a copy. Instructions on how to return the survey are in the document. If you have questions, email firstresponseaction@gmail.com.