Thursday, October 27, 2011

UPDATE: Senate Passed the Resolution

In a post on 10/16/11 we asked legislation supporters to contact their Senators to ask them to support certain provisions in the Kate Puzey legislation so they would not sunset in seven years, as the bill is currently written. (Read about those provisions here.) We are happy to report that the Senate voted and passed the resolution so that these important provisions will remain and will not end (or 'sunset')!

Thanks to those of you who contacted your Senators!

First Response Action

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Take Action to Remove Aspects of the Sunset Provision!

Last month, the Kate Puzey Volunteer Protection Act of 2011 passed the Senate with a ‘sunset’ provision which would require the provisions in the Kate Puzey Act to end in seven years. This is customary and allows for revision of the bill at sunset to ideally improve legislation. The Senate is now trying to pass a resolution, introduced by Senator Isakson, which would amend this sunset provision so that the selected provisions of confidentiality, training requirements and the extension of the Inspector General would not be affected by the sunset. To be clear, the remaining provisions in the bill would sunset, but these provisions would remain. It's important that these key provisions remain standing to continue supporting victims in Peace Corps.

The resolution needs your support to pass! We are asking that you call your Senator(s) TODAY to ask for them to pass this resolution in support of victims and whistle blowers.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing Room
May 2011

Once this resolution is finalized, the bill will go to the House. This is a critical step in the passage of the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act. We appreciate any calls you are able to make! We’ve included a sample script which you can use as a guide if you wish. Please feel free to expand and put the words into your own voice. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Sample script:

“Hello, I’m calling as a (former Peace Corps Volunteer, supporter of the Kate Puzey bill, etc.). I am a constituent in (Senator’s) district and I would like to encourage (Senator) to vote in favor of the resolution to amend the sunset provision in the Kate Puzey Volunteer Protection Act of 2011 so that the provisions of confidentiality, training and the extension of the Inspector General would remain after the bill sunsets. These provisions are vital to the continued support of victims of rape and sexual assault as well as whistle blowers. Thank you for your time.”

Find your Senator(s): Click this link to find your Senator's contact information:

Thank you for your support of victims of sexual assault and other crimes in Peace Corps!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Testimony from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing: Peace Corps, The Next 50 Years

Today the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing about the next 50 years of Peace Corps. You can read testimony from panelists here. Panelists included former Senators, Peace Corps Director Williams, National Peace Corps Association Director Kevin Quigley and a survivor.