Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Response Action in the Blogosphere

At any given moment there are what I like to call 'pre-PCVs,' those people who are looking into Peace Corps service or who are somewhere along the wide spectrum of the application/invitation process, who are researching Peace Corps stories. Some are searching Peace Corps + sexual assault. That's where they find us.

We - the First Response Action Coalition - are always working to engage others in the conversation of improving Peace Corps' response to sexual assault, rape, intimate partner violence, physical violence and beyond. Here are some highlights from the blogosphere so far this year:

  • National Peace Corps Association's interview with Casey Frazee, founder of First Response Action.
  • Not Another Wave (the blog that is "the feminist conversation for everyone") blogpost by Casey.
  • Cincy Chic (an online publication based in Cincinnati, OH) interview with Casey.
  • The Safer (Students Active For Ending Rape) Blog post in response to First Response Action.
  • Re-print of Casey's WorldView article on the National Sexual Violence Resource Center's website.

It's also encouraging to see that this important conversation is making it's way outside of the Peace Corps community to the broader awareness in America. In June, the Washington Post wrote an article about safety issues during Peace Corps Service.

If you have found a website that references First Response Action or responds to issues of physical and sexual violence in the Peace Corps, please email


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  1. I think that your organization and mission are both highly admirable. Peace Corps is an incredible institution with the greatest of intentions, but its bureaucratic capacity does not match the demands of its present reality. Many volunteers lack the motivation to put enough pressure on the administration to force change and higher levels of efficiency because our stints are finite. What you are doing is highly necessary and you are addressing the most important topic of all pertaining to volunteer security. For all of this, I can only applaud you and wish you the best. Keep fighting the good fight. Cheers, Brent