Monday, November 7, 2011

Ask President Obama to Host a Signing Ceremony for the Kate Puzey Peace Corps Volunteer Protection Act!

This important legislation passed both the House and Senate UNANIMOUSLY! That deserves a public signing ceremony! Please contact the White House to ask that President Obama host a public signing ceremony. Ask your friends to call too! A public signing is a great way to show the White House commitment to a stronger, safer Peace Corps for all Volunteers!
(212) 456-1414 - White House Switchboard

Primary provisions of the bill include:

1. Confidentiality for reporters of crime, both victims and whistleblowers, through a restricted reporting system similar to the U.S. Military.

2. Improved training for Volunteers and staff on the dynamics of sexual assault and response policies.

3. A Sexual Assault Advisory Council to provide recommendations on policies and trainings related to victim response.

4. Establishment of an Office of Victim Advocacy.

5. Oversight for Peace Corps staff who respond poorly to reports of sexual assault.

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