Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Note About the Mission and Commenting from the Editor

I am incredibly grateful for all of the incredible support that I, other survivors and additional members of First Response Action have received during the life of this organization and especially over the last week through yesterday's hearing. Many people have left well-informed, well-intentioned comments that we greatly appreciate.

Our mission is to improve training, response and oversight within Peace Corps to mitigate issues such as rape and sexual assault which are perpetrated against Volunteers. Rape and sexual assault are not the fault of the victim and we feel very strongly about that at First Response Action. It is realistic that rape and sexual assault will not be able to be completely prevented, but response is something that Peace Corps has the power to improve. This is and has been our mission since our organization's inception.

While some comments are well-informed, others have been hateful. There aren't many, but enough that I feel compelled to note that First Response Action does not appreciate sentiments of hate, misunderstanding of issues and of judgment. We reserve the right to moderate comments. Comments that are hateful or attack members of First Response Action, Peace Corps or survivors will not be approved. This is not the appropriate forum for hate. First Response Action stands for peace and positive change.

Thank you again to those of you who are supportive and have responded compassionately. We have the greatest respect for you and your input!

Here's to a stronger, safer Peace Corps for all Volunteers who serve.

Founder, First Response Action

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  1. As a potential PCV, I am grateful for the information and awareness First Response Action provides concerning issues of physical and sexual violence. Thank you for your efforts. This is definitely something I will follow as I consider my future commitment to Peace Corps, and I am interested to see how PC will respond.