Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hearing Announced: House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing "Peace Corps at 50" next Wed., May 11

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Full Committee

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman

Peace Corps at 50

You are respectfully requested to attend the following open hearing of the Full Committee to be held in Room 2172 of the Rayburn House Office Building.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
9:30 AM
Room 2172 of the Rayburn House Office Building


Panel 1: Problems of Safety and Security

Ms. Jessica Smochek
Former Peace Corps Volunteer

Ms. Carol Clark
Former Peace Corps Volunteer

Karestan Chase Koenen, Ph.D.
Former Peace Corps Volunteer

Ms. Lois Puzey
Parent of Late Peace Corps Volunteer

Ms. Jennifer Wilson Marsh
Hotline and Affiliate Service Director

Panel 2: Assessment and Reform
The Honorable Aaron S. Williams
Peace Corps

Panel 3: A View from the Inspector General
Ms. Kathy A. Buller
Inspector General
Peace Corps


Note: The hearing is open to the public and all are welcome to attend. If you can't be there, you can still support by signing the petition in support of legislation to cement support for survivors.


  1. I think this issue deserves a much wider audience in the Peace Corps community and I would like to report on these hearings in detail but will unable to get to Washington DC to attend them.

    1. Are the hearings going to be televised on CSpan? Could someone contact Congressman Poe and ask him if they could be televised on Cspan?

    2. If they won't be televised, could someone attedning the hearings please record the hearings and send them to me. There is a good, inexpensive application for the iPhone called iProRecorder that turns the iPhone into a tape recorder and the files can be saved and emailed.

    3. Could someone attending the hearings please collect the prepared "Statements for the Record" and send them to me. Could someone ask each of the speakers to send an electronic copy of their statements to me.

    Best regards,

    Hugh Pickens
    Publisher and Editor, Peace Corps Online

  2. The is heartbreaking. Peace Corps does incredible good all over the world and the one thing they can get Congress to look at is violence against volunteers. As volunteers know well, during training the sessions on safety and security are endless. It may well be that the unique mission, volunteers living together with poor people, in poorest communities, in poor countries could be ruined by an over-eager Congress. Zero risk is not a possibility, unless we want volunteers stuck in compounds in the capital cities of the world like USAID staff. This is a heartbreaking issue to iron out, no easy way out.

  3. you can watch the hearing online