Saturday, February 19, 2011

Peace Corps Job Posting for Victim Advocate

Within the past two weeks, Peace Corps posted a Victim Advocate position on their website. After the first posting was taken down and re-vamped, it re-appeared this week in it's current, more robust form. The Victim Advocate will be based in D.C.

Here are the highlights:

Job Title: Program Advisor (Victims Advocate)

Agency: Peace Corps

DUTIES:(The duties described reflect the full performance level of this position)

Serves as the principal agency advocate for Volunteers who become victims of crime. Develops processes to ensure effective communications channels for victims.

Establish best practices protocols for victim support.

Develops training objectives and course materials for formal training programs in the area of victims advocacy.

Performs liaisons and consultations with other federal agencies and outside organizations on victims support and advocacy.

Qualifications and Evaluations


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:(The KSAs below may not apply at all grades)

Demonstrated knowledge of victims advocacy protocols, programs, best practices.

Ability to conduct complex analyses of institutional policies, practices and procedures.

Ability to identify and develop corrective strategies aimed and ensuring holistic support services and systems for victims of crimes.

Ability to communicate with senior level policy makers in government and outside experts in the area of victims advocacy.

Ability to coordinate response and support services and track outcomes.

Ability to work in a multi-cultural context

Take a look at the full Victim Advocate job posting for yourself and let me know what you think at


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