Thursday, January 27, 2011

ABC News: Congress to Investigate Peace Corps Treatment of Sex Assault Victims

In an story today, ABC News reports about an anticipated Congressional investigation into Peace Corps' management of incidences of sexual violence.

The story was spurred by a speech given by Congressman Poe to the House floor on Monday 1/24. Congressmen Ted Poe, R-Texas, and Jim Costa, D-CA, head the Victims' Rights Caucus and are supporters of First Response Action. Jointly, they sent a letter of support to Peace Corps in favor of FRA's mission to improve training on sexual assault and response to survivors of sexual violence.


  1. I was repeatedly harassed and verbally and physically assaulted while in the Peace Corps in Romania. The Peace Corps did nothing to support or protect me- the Romanian police however did what they could to keep me safe. I know others who have been assaulted while serving in the Peace Corps around the world. Peace Corps has a history of covering this up.

  2. Will you post copies of both letters?

  3. At this time, I cannot post the joint letter from Poe and Costa. If you are interested in more information, please feel free to email me at