Thursday, March 11, 2010

Expanding First Response Action

Over the last several weeks, since the article I wrote for the National Peace Corps Association's publication WorldView was published, two members have joined the task force of the First Response Action Coalition.

I would like to extend my immense gratitude to Karen Moldovan and Katie Campbell. Both are RPCVs who served in Tonga. Both of them are passionate about reforming the way the current Peace Corps system works with survivors. They also feel strongly about advocating for Peace Corps to move away from the detrimental 'blame the victim' training that is administered in many countries where Peace Corps operates.

Katie, among her many talents, is a fantastic graphic designer. She created the new logo and color scheme for First Response Action which are now on this blog and also on all of the material we send out about this mission.

Karen has been an advocate for many underserved populations, including survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, over her career. She has been steadfast in her support of this mission and I am so thankful to both Karen and Katie that our paths have crossed!

A lot of our work is behind-the-scenes at this moment and I don't want to post any details until something more concrete happens. I will certainly post important updates on this blog as they happen - so keep checking back!

If you are reading this, thank you for finding First Response Action. I hope you feel compelled to support in another way. If you passed this link along to a friend, thank you. You have shared this mission. Thank you for your support!

Please email if you are interested in supporting sexual assault policy reform or if you have a story to share regarding sexual assault and the Peace Corps community.



  1. I am so glad there is going to be a change. I have heard clearly from Karen and Katie explaintion of sexual assault in Tonga and they did a good job and it help me understand clearly what it means. Thanks girls. Good job!

  2. Casey, we're glad we could help you bring this issue to a wider audience through WorldView magazine. We would be happy to publish a followup in the future in the magazine and/or on our website blog.


    Erica Burman
    Editor, WorldView Magazine
    National Peace Corps Association